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[EYENLIP] Black Snail All In One Cream 25g

The snail secretion filtrate, protects skin by creating protective layer, supplies nutrients to they weary and unstable skin.


In the mucus of blacks snails, it contains allantoin to help calm the skin and pore contraction, and glycolic acid to help prevent trouble. Collagen and elastic help to improve skin elasticity.

Volume : 25g

How to use : Get right amount of the product and spread evenly on skin


EYENLIP Collagen Active Peel Off Pack 25g

The pack will remove dead skin and sebum.

Feature :

Sparkling and gorgeous collagen active peel off pack will remove dead skin and sebumaccumulated on the skin, EGF ingredients are contained to keep skin moisturize and smooth after removing the pack.

How to use : Apply the proper amount to the face except eyes, eyebrows and mouth.After 15 to 20 minutes, when the pack is totally dried, take-off the pack, and clean the face with toner.Please use the product 1~2 times in a week.